Enharmonic Tavern

理想を意志し、革命を目論む同志達の着る服が、"Enharmonic TAVERN"(エンハーモニック・タヴァーン)のブランドコンセプト。


ブランドの背景となる世界観を伝えるサウンドトラックをent(Atsushi Horie)が担当。

Many kinds of people (of both race and profession) gather at the Tavern.
We meet there to talk, to share and to resonate through these different
cultures, arts and ideas.
The Enharmonic vision created here leads us to a new, imaginary world.
To dress people in search of a revolutionary ideal - this is the brand
concept of "Enharmonic TAVERN".
The brand is run by the "ENHARMONIC" project team, which gathers together
people from a range of fields: creators, artists, communicators.
The musical soundtrack, which expresses our brand's underlying worldview, is
by Ent (Atsushi Horie).

Des gens differents (toutes races et professions melees), se cotoient au Tavern (bar).
On s’y rencontre pour parler, partager ses idees sur l’art ou la culture…
… Et une vision d’un monde en harmonie - Enharmonic.
Habiller ceux qui cherchent un ideal - tel est le concept d’ “ Enharmonic TAVERN ”.

Concue par une equipe “ENHARMONIC”, notre marquee s’adresse a tous ceux, artistes et createurs, qui ont le souci de communiquer.
Ent (atsuhi horie) exprime en musique l’univers de la marque.

Enharmonic TAVERN

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